What if you could map out your entire marketing plan, generate 2-3 more appointments a day, and close 100+ transactions a year?

What if you could map out your entire marketing plan, generate 2-3 more appointments a day, and close 100+ transactions a year?

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"Within the First 90 Days of using this Playbook, I knew it was a Gamechanger. "

- Ronald Mazza, Principal Broker for Realty Home Advisors, NY



 Here's Everything You Get Today
  • Lifetime Access: Immediate access to your digital copy of the Playbook, as well as the REN Dashboard and online flipbook version.
  • ​REN Dashboard: Access your apps, CRM Tools, Leads & Sources, Marketing Tools, Business Tools, and Social Media Channels all from one central location!
  • 12-Month Calendar: Day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month breakdown of everything you need to know and execute on for your sales and marketing plan. (Page 214)
  • Scripts & Templates: Access pre-written prospecting, sales, DTV, email scripts, and more! (Page 229)
  • Track Your Performance: Top lead sources and conversion rates needed to hit your goals! (Page 25)
  • Social Media Optimization: Establish your brand and dominate on social media! (Page 69)
  • Generate More Referrals: Develop personalized campaigns and reach a bigger audience while still maintaining your SOI.

"$600,000 in sales and I never even picked up the phone..."

“Isaiah’s sales and marketing training is superior because it gives me the exact pathway to take action and get immediate results. In the few short months of using this system I generated $600,000 in listing sales. They helped me put together campaigns that hit all of the marks. I immediately spoke with over 30 people the first time I sent out one of the campaigns that we had trained on. I'm talking $600,000 in sales and I never even picked up the phone to cold call!"

- Benjamin Lang

"This Playbook and Business App was exactly what I needed..."

“I became involved with this platform in 2019 after I attended their live event. I really like the presentation and the seminar showing what they have to offer. I signed up for their online classes, regularly attended their group coaching, and watched the recordings. This platform has been very helpful; the coaching sessions are targeted to my personal business needs and focused on getting me to the next level through marketing and sales. I recommend this to all real estate agents and I look forward to interacting with them on the platform!”

- Dee Lipovscak

"I’ve expanded my business and sphere of influence..."

“If you're a realtor and you're looking for the magic pill - it turns out it's just all hard work...but if you're looking for a platform that has not only the guidance and scripts, but also the tools you need to bring your business to the next level, this is it! This platform has already worked for me in the two short months since I’ve joined. I’ve expanded my business and sphere of influence, as well as brought my team closer together. I’ve seen immediate results since using this platform!”

- Donnie Bennett

"We're on pace to do an additional 50 transactions this year..."

“I have been working with Isaiah and his Real Estate Nexus team for over four years now and started using the group coaching and training that they offer. Their marketing and inside sales associate teams are really unique and offer a very huge value for me. My team and I closed around 300 transactions this past year and are on pace to do an additional 50 or more since using this platform. Everything Isaiah and his team have put together for me has worked great, I would highly recommend them.”

- Terry Bias

Flywheel Marketing = Gamechanger!
Over the past ten years Isaiah has helped thousands of sales professionals and small business owners across the nation develop strong sales and marketing skills. Join his journey to live into your greatness.
About Isaiah Colton
Isaiah is a small-town country boy raised on a farm. Growing up, he never imagined he'd be good at sales or marketing. Isaiah definitely never imagined building a business in real estate and owning several companies. He is a bit of an introvert in the sense that he likes being alone but when he does get around people he enjoys himself.

It was a struggle at first for Isaiah  to talk to strangers. He will never forget the first time he had to make a cold call to a homeowner, not fun! He was terrified. He was fine working with business professionals because of the years  spent working his way up to V.P. of Sales for a marketing company, but engaging with homeowners was a different story!

But Isaiah had to make it work because his wife was pregnant and he had to prove to her it was a smart idea to leave his corporate job for a new venture. His wife gave him six months!

He immediately went to a Tony Robbins convention and one thing Tony said stood out to him, “success leaves clues.” That meant to find the best of the best in the industry and model them; then, when you have a foundation, build and innovate.

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